Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mournful Congregation - The June Frost

Artist: Mournful Congregation
Album: The June Frost
Year: 2009
Size: 54 mb@128
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Description: Here is a fine offering from Australia's Mournful Congregation. The album is a fine example of great funeral doom, with depressing and doom-laden songs. The instruments all combine perfectly to create a haunting sound.


1.Solemn Strikes the Funeral Chime03:52
2.White Cold Wrath Burnt Frozen Blood17:02
3.Descent of the Flames09:01
4.The June Frost04:24
5.A Slow March to the Burial06:49
6.The Februar Winds02:53
7.Suicide Choir12:49
8.The Wreath03:16
Total playing time01:00:06

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nasum - Grind Finale

Artist: Nasum
Album: Grind Finale
Year: 2006
Size: Each disc is about 70 mb@160kbps
Genre: Grindcore
Description: Here is a compilation of every single Nasum release without the full-lengths. It lasts over 2 hours and there are 152 tracks. If you just want one disc then go with the 2nd one as it contains much better sounding material then the 1st.


Disc 1 download link:
Disc 2 download link:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

V/A - This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. I

Artist: V/A (includes stuff like Insect Warfare, Brutal Truth, Shitstorm, Weekend Nachos, Maruta, Kill the Client)
Album: This Comp Kills Fascists
Year: 2008
Size: 64.6@160kpbs
Genre: Grindcore/Power Violemce
Description: Here is a great comp compiled by Scott Hull of some of the best grind bands around.

Download link:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ulver - Perdition City

Artist: Ulver
Album: Perdition City
Year: 2000
Size: 73.2mb@192kpbs
Genre: Electronica
Description: This is probably the best electronic album ever and even if you're not a fan of that music you should check it out.


1.Lost in Moments07:16
2.Porn Piece or The Scars of Cold Kisses07:08
3.Hallways of Always06:35
4.Tomorrow Never Knows07:59
5.The Future Sound of Music06:39
6.We are the Dead03:41
7.Dead City Centres07:10
Total playing time53:31

Download link:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Absurd/Grand Belial's Key/Sigrblot - Weltenfeind

Artist: Absurd/Grand Belial's Key/Sigrblot
Album: Weltenfeind
Year: 2008
Size: 77.1mb@160kpbs
Genre: Black metal
Description: Heres a great split lasting over an hour. Absurd strays from their RAC sounding roots to a more refined bm sound that is definitely worth hearing. The tracks by Grand Belial's Key were recorded during the Kosherat sessions (which I have yet to hear) and they sound great, lots of awesome guitar riffs that are at times reminiscent of Arghoslent. Sigrblot round up the album and I was highly impressed by their sound which is sprinkled with folk elements. Anyways, check this out! You won't be disappointed.


Absurd (Ger)
2.Black Hand of Death02:51
3.Ulfhednir - Todesschwadron07:05
4.Die Gesandten des Grauens (Der Fluch cover)04:37
Grand Belial's Key
5.It Bribes the Heavens08:24
6.Mourners Flock to Gethsemane04:14
7.Yahweh's Charlatans08:10
8.Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach cover)01:18
9.Braadödha Vindh (Diävuls Andadräth)07:01
10.Exiles of the golden age06:21
11.Varg I Veum05:50
12.Kali Yuga Intifada08:06
Total playing time01:08:36

Friday, July 31, 2009

Arkhon Infaustus - Perdition Insanabilis

Artist: Arkhon Infaustus
Album: Perdition Insanabilis
Year: 2004
Size: 74.3mb@320kpbs
Genre: Blackened death metal
Description: Arkhon Infaustus is a prime example of what blackened death metal should be. For any fans of death metal or black metal.


1.Genesis Of Loss01:17
2.M33 Constellation05:47
3.Abortion Of The Kathavatthu05:15
4.Six Seals Salvation05:51
5.Saturn Motion Theology05:15
6.Oratio Descendere05:06
7.Profanis Codex LXVI05:00
8.Whirlwind Journey05:42
9.Absurd Omega Revelation02:19
Total playing time

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Krieg - Blue Miasma

Artist: Krieg
Album: Blue Miasma
Year: 2006
Size: 104mb@256kpbs
Genre: Black metal
Description: Although this album strays from the harsh world presented in earlier releases, Blue Miasma manages to portray a depressive and psychotic realm that few can do. If you want a taste of the album check out this:


1.The Great Beast Trembled in Nightmare03:56
2.Who Shall Stand Against Me?03:59
3.The Blue Mist04:04
4.Under An Uncaring Moon07:13
5.The Sick Winds Stir the Cold Dawn04:32
6.And Now the End02:55
7.Lingering Doubt04:32
8.Hallucinations in Deep Corruption06:25
9.Every Wound Burned04:18
10.An Empty Room, a Forgotten Funeral04:34
11.The Master's Voice02:14
12.Scars Brought into Question04:22
13.The Forest Beneath the Sea07:55
Total playing time01:00:59

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ramesses - Misanthropic Alchemy

Artist: Ramesses
Album: Misanthropic Alchemy
Year: 2007
Size: 76.19@224kpbs
Genre: Stoner doom metal
Description: Ramesses is composed of ex members of Electric Wizard with the purpose of creating crushing doom, and in this album they do just that. If you're a fan of any sorts of doom, you'll most likely enjoy this.

1.Ramesses Part 102:00
2.Ramesses Part 308:01
3.Lords Misrule09:08
4.Coat Of Arms06:42
6.Before The Jackals08:41
7.Earth Must Die06:12
Total playing time47:45

Download link:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nagelfar - Srontgorrth

Artist: Nagelfar
Album: Srontgorrth
Year: 1999
Size: 79.18@160kpbs
Genre: Black metal
Description: This album is probably one of the most epic sounding there is, and without being to overboard on keyboards. The music flows naturally and fits together as perfect as possible, and theres even an electronic song. Any listeners of black metal should download this right away.


1.Kapitel Eins (Der Frühling) - Als die Tore sich öffnen...16:45
2.Kapitel Zwei (Der Sommer) - Die Existenz jenseits der Tore16:11
3.Kapitel Drei (Der Herbst) - Endzeit09:19
4.Kapitel Vier (Der Winter) - Trümmer09:36
5.Kapitel Fünf - Willkommen zu Haus...18:09
Total playing time01:10:00

Watchmaker - Erased From the Memory of Man

Artist: Watchmaker
Album: Erased From the Memory of Man
Year: 2005
Size: 36.06@192kbps
Genre: Death/Grind with some raw black metal influence
Description: Watchmaker is probably the most hateful/angry band that will ever reach your ears. The songs are short but full of absolute carnage, highly recommended!


1.Dawn of Indifference / Nuked To Ashes01:46
2.Oncrushing Advance02:08
3.Conquering A Dead Planet01:27
4.Irrevocable Change01:18
5.Scaffold of Deception01:32
6.Gunpoint Stoicism01:46
7.Bonepile of False Assumptions01:18
8.Relentless Post Mortem Killing02:46
9.Therapeutic Dirt Nap02:27
10.Mourning Breath01:38
11.Failing Upwards02:10
12.Infidelity's Eyestabbing Unease01:05
13.Swept From All Existence01:58
14.Lice Crawling Humanity00:58
15.Inescapable Melancholy01:40
16.Visiting Plague / Blood Freezing Violence02:19
Total playing time26:25

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Negură Bunget - Om

Artist: Negură Bunget
Album: Om
Year: 2006
Size: 91.14
Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Description: Negură Bunget is a black metal band from Romania that creates music like no other. The album Om showcases their work like none other, it sounds like an ancient tribal/folk song combined with atmospheric epic black metal, and it does not sound at all cheesy.


1.Ceasuri Rele03:07
2.Ţesarul de Lumini12:48
3.Primul Om04:22
4.Cunoaşterea Tăcută07:11
8.De Piatră05:36
9.Cel din Urmă Vis10:03
10.Hora Soarelui05:55
11.Al Doilea Om02:03
Total playing time01:07:06

Download Link:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Subterannean Masquerade - Suspended Animation Dreams

Artist: Subterannean Masquerade
Album: Suspended Animation Dreams
Year: 2005
Size: 70.31 mb
Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Metal
Description: I honestly don't even know where to begin with this album, it covers everything from jazz, death metal, middle eastern type stuff, and prog rock as well. Instruments include trumpets, violins, clarinets, flute, saxophone etc. The vocals, performed Novembers Doom's Paul Kuhr are generally clean but there are at times excellent death growls. Basically, if you are interested in anything unusual and odd, then you should download this right now.

1.Suspended Animation Dreams02:26
2.Wolf Among Sheep06:26
3.No Place Like Home07:59
4.Kind of A Blur03:12
5.The Rock N' Roll Preacher09:06
6.Six Strings to Cover Fear06:48
Total playing time54:50

Download Link:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gorguts - Obscura

Artist: Gorguts
Album: Obscura
Year: 1998
Size: 53.08 mb
Genre: Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal

2.Earthly Love04:04
3.The Carnal State03:08
5.The Art of Sombre Ecstasy04:21
7.Subtle Body03:23
8.Rapturous Grief05:28
9.La Vie Est Prelude03:28
11.Faceless Ones03:50
12.Sweet Silence06:46
Total playing time01:00:30

Download Link:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Artist: Funeral Mist
Album: Salvation
Year: 2002
Size: 89.6 mb
Genre: Black Metal

1.Agnus Dei04:33
2.Breathing Wounds04:32
3.Holy Poison05:32
4.Sun of Hope05:24
5.Perdition's Light04:37
6.Across the Qliphoth06:06
7.Realm of Plagues05:58
8.Circle of Eyes12:46
9.Bread to Stone03:48
10.In Manus Tuas12:27
Total playing time01:05:43

Download Link:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Children of Maani - Veil of Osiris

Artist: Children of Maani
Album: Veil of Osiris
Year: 1998
Size: 30.3 mb
Genre: Black Metal (from the creator of Blut Aus Nord)

Tradition: The Birth04:28
2.In The Middle Of The Macrocosme - Those Who Are Called Vao06:07
3.Tiphareth... And Beams Of Malchuth - After The Five Ones04:59
4.Tradition: My Birth - Where Is The Sky Of The First?06:44
Total playing time22:18

Download Link:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave

Artist: Napalm Death
Album: Time Waits For No Slave
Year: 2009
Size: 80.59 mb
Genre: Death metal/Grindcore
3.Work to Rule03:16
4.On the Brink of Extinction03:29
5.Time Waits for No Slave04:26
6.Life and Limb04:00
7.Downbeat Clique04:26
8.Fallacy Dominion04:07
9.Passive Tense03:48
10.Laurency of the Heart03:36
11.Procrastination of the Empty Vessel02:56
12.Feeling Redundant03:23
13.A No-sided Argument02:13
14.De-evolution Ad Nauseum03:48
Total playing time50:13
Download Link:

Friday, November 28, 2008

Benighted - Icon

Artist: Benighted
Album: Icon
Year: 2007
Size: 71 mb
Genre: Death metal/brutal death metal
1.Complete Exsanguination00:26
3.Grind Wit03:39
4.Saw It All03:54
6.Smile Then Bleed03:38
7.Pledge of Retaliation03:03
9.Human Circles03:49
11.The Underneath03:01
12.Blindfolded Centuries03:21
Total playing time39:07

Download Link:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Asunder - A Clarion Call

Artist: Asunder
Album: A Clarion Call
Year: 2004
Size: 48.82 mb
Genre: Funeral doom/death doom metal
1.Twilight Amaranthine14:54
2.Crown of Eyes13:21
3.A Clarion Call12:02
Total playing time40:17

Download Link:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre

Artist: Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre
Album: Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre
Year: 2008
Size: 30.1 mb
Genre: Stoner doom metal/doom metal
Electric Wizard
1.The House On The Borderland11:29
Reverend Bizarre
2.The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit cover)11:15
Total playing time22:44

Download Link:

Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today

Artist: Electric Wizard
Album: Witchcult Today
Year: 2007
Size: 89.93
Genre: Stoner doom metal
1.Witchcult Today07:54
3.Satanic Rites of Drugula06:06
5.The Chosen Few08:19
6.Torquemada '7106:42
7.Black Magic Rituals & Perversions (i. Frisson des vampires ii. Zora)11:01
Total playing time58:53
Download Link:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Earth - The Bee's Made Honey In The Lion's Skull

Artist: Earth
Album: The Bee's Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
Year: 2008
Size: 73.03
Genre: Southern-ish Drone
  1. "Omens and Portents I: The Driver" – 9:06
  2. "Rise to Glory" – 5:47
  3. "Miami Morning Coming Down II (Shine)" – 8:01
  4. "Engine of Ruin" – 6:28
  5. "Omens and Portents II: Carrion Crow" – 8:04
  6. "Hung from the Moon" – 7:44
  7. "The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull" – 8:15
Download Link:

Blood of Kingu - De Occulta Philosophia

Artist: Blood of Kingu
Album: De Occulta Philosophia
Year: 2007
Size: 60.12 mb
Genre: Black Metal
  1. Incoarika Incognita
  2. Your Blood, Nubia! Your Power, Egypt!
  3. Mummu Tiamat
  4. Stronghold of Megaliths, Thorns and Human Bones
  5. Slaughter of Shudras
  6. Lair of Night Abzu
  7. Black Spectral Wings of Shaman
  8. Vajtarani
  9. Chambers of Inpu-sub
Download Link:

Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris

Artist: Lykathea Aflame
Album: Elvenefris
Year: 2000
Size: 115.18 mb
Genre: Technical/Atmospheric Death Metal

1Land Where Sympathy Is Air5:50
2To Become Shelter and Salvation4:35
3Bringer of Elvenefris Flame5:59
4Flowering Entities5:44
5To Give3:57
6On the Way Home6:36
7Shine of Consolation3:39
8Sadness and Strength8:05
9A Step Closer7:19
10An Old Man and a Child9:10
11Walking in the Garden of Ma'at11:14

Download Link:

Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes

Artist: Demigod
Album: Slumber of Sullen Eyes
Year: 1992
Size: 43.48 mb
Genre: Old school death metal (from Finland)
1.Apocryphal (Intro)00:22
2.As I Behold I Despise04:38
3.Dead Soul03:43
4.The Forlorn04:04
5.Tears of God05:14
6.Slumber of Sullen Eyes05:58
7.Embrace the Darkness/Blood of the Perished05:04
8.Fear Obscures From Within04:17
9.Transmigration Beyond Eternities04:29
10.Towards the Shrouded Infinity03:39
11.Perpetual Ascent03:45
Total playing time45:46

Download Link:

Weakling - Dead As Dreams

Artist: Weakling
Album: Dead As Dreams
Year: 2000
Size: 68.8 mb
Genre: Black Metal (similar to Wolves in the Throne Room)
1.Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein10:28
2.Dead As Dreams20:39
3.This Entire Fucking Battlefield14:47
4.No One Can Be Called As a Man While He'll Die13:09
5.Desasters in the Sun17:06
Total playing time01:16:06

Download Link:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Meads of Asphodel/Mayhem - Jihad/Freezing Moon

Heres the 2002 split from The Meads of Asphodel and Mayhem, recommended for any listener of black metal.

Artist: Meads of Asphodel/Mayehm
Album: Jihad/Freezing Moon
Year: 2002
Size: 53.85 mb
Genre: Black Metal
Meads of Asphodel
1. Intro 02:03
2. Jihad: The Grisly Din Of Killing Steel 06:07
3. Paradise 04:14
4. Another God In Another Place 04:20
5. Tanks In The Holy Land 03:23
6. Assassins Of Allah 05:26
Mayhem (Nor)
7. Freezing Moon 03:47
8. Carnage 06:16

Download Link:

Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao

Artist: Mayhem
Album: Ordo Ad Chao
Year: 2007
Size: 98.14 MB
Genre: Black Metal
1.A Wise Birthgiver03:30
2.Wall Of Water04:40
3.Great Work Of Ages03:52
5.Illuminate Eliminate09:40
6.Psychic Horns06:32
7.Key To The Storms03:52
Total playing time40:46

Download Link:


We Live

Well here is the very first post of The Sun Has Turned Black, which, if anyone wishes to know, comes from the Electric Wizard album We Live.

This blog will generally be about things relating to metal, in particular black, doom and death metal and genres such as that. There will be posts of albums, reviews of concerts, important news and whatever else that seems fit.